2 Weeks on the Border Swapping PCs

At work we are doing a PC refresh project where we are swapping old computers for new ones. In my previous time at the border, they tacked on this extra work when I was out in El Paso. After a little break between traveling, I was set to follow the same route I took during the router refresh project nd swap PCs (minus El Paso).

While the PC swap process is pretty much the same thing each time, the weather was constantly changing from rain to sunny and hot and then back to rain. On my way down to Brownsville, it was hot starting out and then it rained like crazy and cooled off a lot.

By the time I actually got to Brownsville, it was just hot and humid. I ended up staying at the same hotel as last time. I decided to check out Taco Palenque for supper.

The next day the clouds made an interesting sunrise that I could enjoy with a heavy breakfast.

The morning was already starting off hot.

I hit up the Brownsville port of entries (POEs) and one had a sign that welcomed me to the United States (well most do in one way or another but not right next to where I was working).

I spent the whole day at the Brownsville POEs and that night decided to get some music and food from Walmart.

The next morning was met with a heavy breakfast and another nice sunrise.

On my drive to the next set of ports, I had a little delay due to an accident blocking the road.

I swapped the computers and went to the McAllen hotel I stayed at several times before. It was definitely hot and sunny.

The first night I got some gas station food and then also had some food at happy hour, as well as my La Quinta Elite bag.

I had yet another heavy breakfast the next morning.

The next morning was starting out hot again and it ended up being a bit sunny.

I did the work at the POEs and then I was back to the hotel. This time I went to HEB and got a salad to eat a bit healthier. I ended up forgetting a fork so I had to eat it with my hands.

After that, I headed back to Austin. My GPS took me down a bunch of back roads in the middle of nowhere. I guess that beats sitting in traffic.

The next week I was off to Laredo. I swapped a computer at the office (the one I helped network cable up) and then went to the hotel. I checked into the hotel I like going to in Laredo and then ate the happy hour food while I watched the rainy weather forecast.

The next morning it was rainy and very humid. At least the temperatures were down as I swapped the computers there because one booth’s air conditioning was out. Laredo can be an oven, so the rainy weather was a bit welcome. It did rain pretty hard though.

I got back to the hotel and the ate at happy hour again. It was definitely still rainy outside.

I went to bed early that night. I was awoken to some very strong storms and loud thunder. There were some flash flood warnings in the area.

The next day proved to be just as stormy. I had to drive from Laredo to Eagle Pass. There was a lot of flooding along the way.

After a while, it appeared things were clearing up a bit.

On my way to the Del Rio hotel, I filled up and picked up some spicy peanuts. I have come to find I really like these. I was ahead of schedule so I worked a bit from the hotel room. After working, I headed to Julio’s to get some supper.

There was still a lot of rain in the forecast for Del Rio. Another issue with Del Rio (and also Eagle Pass I found) was there are no drainage ditches or storm sewers. Basically the street is a storm sewer and you have a ton of running water anytime it rains hard. The following is a video first from a booth in Eagle Pass with cars passing through the standing water and then the water flowing through the street by the Del Rio hotel.

At least when I went to the Del Rio POE, it was cool out. There was a lot of standing water, but I’m happy the reserved TABC parking spot was dry enough.

After swapping the PC at the Del Rio POE, it was time to head back to Austin. I drove through the streams they call roads and made decent time back to Austin. I was happy this 2 weeks of PC refreshes at the POEs was complete and I’d be off the road for a while. From this trip I was able to buy a few local products from Julio’s and bring them back. Julio’s does make one of my favorite hot sauces.

These 2 weeks ended up being a bit brutal in terms of extremes of the weather. While the rain was a welcome from the hotness, it also made it a bit difficult to drive in certain locations. After all that rain, it was nice getting back to Austin and being a little bit drier for the time being. I also was able to make it to the Austin Record Convention.

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