After 2 Weeks on the Road, A Productive Weekend In Austin

After scaling the Texas-Mexico border, spending the weekend in El Paso, and then making my way to San Angelo, I had close to about 1800 miles under my belt in 2 weeks. I also had a lot of things to take care of at home.

The first order of business was early voting. I’d be on the road doing the Surface Deployment when normal voting was, so I needed to do that. I found a local polling place and voted. There were tons of political signs up there.

I then went to sign my lease for my apartment. They took a month to process a simple renewal and, after all the waiting, was happy it was finally ready to sign. I’ll blog more on my ghetto apartment at some other time. I guess it’s cheap with a short commute, so that’s why I put up with this crap for the time being.

Prior to going on the road, I already had a week’s worth of laundry sitting in a pile. I added 2 more weeks to it and had 2 loads to do. That was definitely a bit of a chore. In addition, I had to go grocery shopping for the next week’s road trip. It seemed like my whole weekend was going to consist of running errands!

I did take a break from running errands and went with Victoria to a Mexican restaurant called, “El Mercado.”

The inside was pretty cool.

Of course, you get your chips and salsa. It was hot and fresh, so I had to watch myself from eating to many and filling up.

I ordered a taco salad. This taco salad was amazing and it was definitely different than the taco salads I’ve had in the past. I think I might have to come to this place more often!

The rest of the weekend I just laid around and hung out with Victoria. I definitely did accomplish a lot and it is definitely good to spend a weekend being productive and then taking some time to relax a bit before I hit the road again and rack up some more miles.


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