5 Knocks Speakeasy, Bryan, TX

Prohibition must have been a weird time to live. I take for granted that you can easily buy alcohol. Many restaurants sell it and it seems every convenience store has stockpiles of it. Either way, you don’t have to be secretive about buying or consuming it. In Prohibition that wasn’t the case. You had to keep your consumption habits on the down low. This often meant drinking in dimly lit bars that required you to know a password to get in.

5 Knocks Speakeasy tries to emulate this experience. It is located in the historic La Salle Hotel in downtown Bryan, TX. The La Salle Hotel was built in 1928, right when Prohibition was going on. For all we know, this speakeasy could be paying homage to one from that time.

To get to it, you have to take the elevator and go to the basement. There’s some red lights to dimly light up the hallway.

You then knock 5 times to be let in.

You are then let in to a dimly lit and cozy bar. Wafts of smoke fill the air as some people also enjoy a cigar with their drinks. When we got there, it wasn’t as crowded. A band was playing and we were able to listen from the comfort of a couch. As time went on, the bar filled up and got a bit warm. I’m sure it was like this back during Prohibition.

In many ways, my pictures don’t do justice to the experience itself. The iPhone isn’t the best under low light conditions. You have to go there to feel the full experience. In many ways this bar is very cool to hang out at. It is like living history that shows us what things were like. It’s nice the current times allow us to legally visit both bars like this and regular bars.

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