700 Mile East Texas Circle Tour

As you probably know, I am the go to guy to hit the road for work. I was given a project on a Tuesday that involved surveying the 3 different sites for an office move: Beaumont, Longview, and Tyler. I was then told to be on the road by Thursday as the deadlines were quickly approaching. Beaumont was the most important because we only had about 2 weeks to actually move everything. It’s kind of crazy the time frame given since we still had to get all IT infrastructure into place. I was able to quickly make plans and hit the road for basically a 700 mile circle tour of East Texas.

Up until the day before, I did not even know which way I’d start out. I’d either be going to Tyler, Longview, and then Beaumont or to Beaumont, Longview, and then Tyler. I made the arrangements accordingly that I’d spend the night in Longview so I could go each way without having to make adjustments.

It was such short notice that I had to take my car since all the company cars were booked. The gas mileage reimbursement is good, so I don’t mind taking my car. It’s not like racking on a few more miles really matters. I loaded up my car Wednesday night with my laptop and the wireless cellular router and got to bed early. I hit the road at 5:30 and, by then, knew I was going to Beaumont.

I arrived in Beaumont around 10. I stopped by the old office to do some inventory for the move. Of course, they had some confiscated contraband on display in the office.

I took my inventory and then met the Major at 11 at the new office, which was still under construction. It took a few hours to take pictures and map out the current infrastructure of the office, as well as get speed tests from the wireless cellular router. After doing this, I hit the road for Longview. What I find interesting is the whole speed limit debate in Wisconsin. They finally were able to raise the interstate speed limits from 65 to 70. In Texas, there are 2 lane highways with 75mph speed limits.

It is definitely nice to be able to cruise at these speeds as there is a lot of distance to cover. It’s just kind of ironic that there was such a big debate in Wisconsin for interstates, when this is the norm for regular rural roads in Texas. When I finally got the Longview, I was tired and ready to just crash. The hotel room was a standard room, as usual.

The only difference I saw was there was just a shower versus a bathtub in the room. I always take a shower so it’s the same either way.

Every La Quinta serves breakfast, but it varies based upon region. In Laredo, it was eggs with salsa verde. Here I got the standard biscuits and gravy along with eggs and sausage.

After breakfast, I hit the road to the Longview office. The interesting thing is the address for the office was slightly off and it led me to the middle of nowhere. Both my GPS, along with Google Maps on my phone, took me to an oil well in the middle of nowhere. After I called the agent I was supposed to meet, I found the correct location and went there.

This office took a fraction of the time to survey compared to Beaumont. I was soon on the road for Tyler. Since the construction in Tyler hadn’t started, I just needed to get a speed test. I did this and was soon back on the road to Austin. I actually made good time and was back before some of my coworkers had left the office. This was definitely an impulsive, long range work trip. When everything was said and done, I had driven over 700 miles and surveyed 3 different office locations.

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