A Garage For My Focus

When I lived in Marshfield, I had a stall of a shared garage at my apartment. When I moved to Austin, I didn’t see the point in the extra expense since my Focus was getting up there in miles. With buying the new Focus, I now had an incentive to get a garage. It seems at my apartment complex, garages are very popular and I had to settle for covered parking while on a waitlist. Recently, a garage opened up for me!

Now, I know my new Focus is fully protected. Here when it rains, it pours, so I no longer have to worry about storm damage or the car will just stay clean while it sits. I’m driving my 2007 Focus as a daily beater anyway to keep the new car pristine with mainly highway miles, so a garage also helps with this protecting it from damage while parked. Plus, another bonus is I no longer have to do parking lot oil changes in the hot sun. I actually now have a place to work on my stuff! It’s definitely nice to have a garage again!

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