A Moving Nightmare and 3 Men Movers to the Rescue

Ever wonder what happens when movers don’t show up? Everyone always has that in the back of their minds when they are moving. We got to actually live that out. Victoria and I originally hired a company called Square Cow Moovers. They were supposed to show up on a Saturday and we were given a 10am-8pm window and be the “first truck in” move.

We had all our boxes packed and ready to go. This meant that we had no food in the pantry, so we decided to get Whatburger for breakfast to fuel us.

We figured they would be coming sometime in the afternoon. Victoria had used Sqaure Cow Moovers 4 other times before. They had always shown up on time, did decent work for a reasonable price, and they called several times in the prior days to confirm the current move. I had actually seen one of their trucks earlier that day in the parking lot moving another person at our complex. I figured it was just taking a bit longer than normal.

When 3:00pm rolled around, we were getting a little nervous so we called again. The customer service person told us the name of the driver who had our paperwork and said they should be coming any minute. By 7:30pm, we realized they weren’t showing up. The driver was supposed to call when they were half an hour away and we hadn’t received any calls. Any attempts to call their office were forwarded to a voicemail since their office closed at 6pm.

We had made the mistake of packing our essentials in the box with the corresponding room. That meant our toothbrushes and other toiletries were spread among different boxes on the pile. I guess as a lesson learned, always pack your essentials in a single box. Even if you move exactly when intended, it makes it easier to hit the ground running.

Instead of digging through boxes, we went to Walgreens and got a travel kit and other essentials to make it through the night.

Now we were scrambling. Unlike my last job, my current job has very limited vacation. Victoria’s job is a little more flexible, but she would have to burn a vacation day and this would set her back in her deadline driven work. We knew we had to find someone to move that next day on Sunday.

Since our computers were packed and the internet was shut off, Victoria got on her phone and found a bunch of moving companies and submitted requests for quotes. Hopefully, someone would call us in the morning. After she submitted a request for a quote at about 2 dozen companies, we decided to go to bed and try to sleep. The day was exhausting with us getting up early to finish packing and then sitting around to wait and stress out when the movers didn’t show up.

Our cry for help was met by several different companies. 3 Men Movers was the first company to reply and say they could fit us in that day. When we were looking for quotes, their site was actually pretty impressive. We could have actually booked the move online. We honestly didn’t trust that and worked with a person. Carla gave us a call and said she would be our “move concierge.”

Carla helped us with the entire process and was on top of things. She assured us that a truck would show up and we were given a much tighter window than we had received with Square Cow Moovers. We got a notification email that showed a picture of the crew leader and other information on our move. They really seemed on top of things! We had a little time to spare, so we grabbed breakfast at Starbucks.

Carla was right. A truck promptly showed up at the beginning of our move window. Their slogan of “Surprises are for Birthdays. Not move days.” held true. We felt a sigh of relief.

Andres was the crew leader. He came with an iPad for processing paperwork and explained the process. I can see they had a good tech system going to track this stuff. His crew went to work and I could feel even more weight being lifted off my shoulders as I saw more of our stuff leave the apartment.

We followed the moving truck to the new apartment. I got a picture of the back of the truck. You can tell they care about their employees when they put their name on the back of the truck.

We were moved in fast and it was a great feeling knowing the hard part was done. Andres and his crew did an excellent job and saved the day for us! If you’re ever looking for a mover in the Austin area, I highly recommended 3 Men Movers and you want to ask for Andres Alba. You will definitely be taken care of!

Going back to the Square Cow Moover situation, nobody contacted us until 3pm on Sunday, the day after our scheduled move. It’s like they didn’t even know their truck never showed up. They must have never checked the voicemail or emails we left for them. It wasn’t until their district manager saw a Facebook message I sent.

He called Victoria and was at a loss for words. You could tell this situation never happened in the past. He said he looked over the paperwork and said a truck was dispatched at around 3pm. Upon further digging he found out the employee needed to pick up his child and just decided to never show up or even notify the company.

The district manager did try to make things right by reimbursing us for what we spent at Walgreens. A check arrived promptly in the mail for this, so they did follow through with they said. We were also told that we’d be taken care of “next time.”

Honestly, I don’t think there will be a next time. While their district manager responded and followed through, there are so many questions I have about the way this company operates. First, they send two people to do the move. Even if the driver ditched the move, what happened to the other person? Why didn’t they call their boss to say something was wrong? Why is their tracking system so bad that it took a Facebook message to get a response around 20 hours after I sent that message? I can see there are clear systemic issues with this company.

The biggest thing with this move is the stress involved. Recently, with my job I have been on call every other week. When not on call, I have been doing after hours work. I really don’t have a lot of free time. Victoria is in the same boat with her job and also going to school for an accounting degree. I guess you could consider us busy professionals. That’s a huge reason we hired movers in the first place.

We had planned to spend Sunday cleaning the old apartment and turning in the keys that day. This debacle set us a day behind and we had to clean after we got done with work. It also set us back in unpacking and as I write this, we’re still trying to catch up. That’s why I had to delay posting this blog entry for a week.

I will say the bright spot in this whole ordeal was how 3 Men Movers jumped in to save the day. They are worth every penny and it appears they have the technology and internal processes to prevent them from just not showing up. Their professionalism is top tier. When it comes time for me to move again, I know who I will be calling!

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