ACL Live Moody Theater

The PBS program Austin City Limits (ACL) helped put Austin, TX on the map as being a haven for live music. It also helped cement Austin’s reputation as being the “Live Music Capital of the World.” While ACL is broadcast all over the place, The Moody Theater is where the magic happens.

I got a chance to visit The Moody Theater when I went to see Gordon Lightfoot. I created a separate blog entry for that concert, and this one is dedicated to the venue itself.

Being that it is downtown, you have to find a separate parking garage. Victoria and I parked and then walked. We got to see Willie’s Place on the back of the building.

We were soon to the front of the building and ready to go through security. The security at the building requires you to take everything out of your pockets. They then wave a wand over you. It’s very thorough and a little intimidating. It seemed a little over the top for something like a Gordon Lightfoot concert. Then again, the way things are going in the USA with the shootings, I don’t blame this level of security. It’s the times we live in.

Besides the pain of pulling everything out of my pockets, going through security was easy. The outside security seemed a bit intimidating, but inside it was the complete opposite. The ushers and other people working were insanely friendly and helpful. They cheerfully helped people find their way to their seats. Everyone working inside seemed to be in a good mood. It felt like a very welcoming environment and one of the best I’ve ever seen!

I first walked up the steps and then around the lobby and checked a few things out. I soon found my seats and proceeded to walk around more. The venue itself was cozy and intimate. It has a seating capacity of 2,750. Looking around, it appeared there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

I noticed there were a lot of bars where you could easily get a drink. The lighting and sound were also great. I can see why the Austin City Limits show can produce such good content! The Gordon Lightfoot concert was great, and I found I really like this venue. I have a feeling if another artist I like comes to town, I’ll be buying tickets here.

If you’re ever visiting Austin, The Moody Theater is a place you have to check out! Besides being a historical Austin icon, it is a great concert venue. It doesn’t matter where you sit. You’ll get a good show. The people working there are also phenomenal. They create one of the most welcoming music venues I have ever been to! You will not be disappointed with a visit!

The following are the pictures I took after going through security.

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