Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth, MN

The Aerial Lift Bridge is a bridge in Duluth, MN that allows shipping barges and cars to pass through. It is very historic and was first built in 1905 as a transporter bridge. A transporter bridge is like a ferry that moves back and forth and carries vehicles. Instead of floating on the water like a ferry, it is operated by cables and hands above the water.

In 1930, the transporter bridge was converted to an aerial lift bridge. This is how it operates today. When a ship comes in, the vehicle traffic is stopped and the bridge raises up for the ship. Unfortunately, I was not able to catch the bridge doing this on my visit. I have seen it in the past, but the day I visited, I wasn’t as lucky.

I walked over it both ways on both sides and took a bunch of pictures. You can tell this bridge was built to last and stand the test of time. There are only a couple dozen other bridges like this in existence. This is a rare historic gem that you can see right in Duluth.

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