Amarillo, Lubbock, and Abilene

After being on the road 2 weeks in a row and scaling the Texas-Mexico border, being in El Paso for the weekend, and then starting the first week of the Microsoft Surface deployment, I was going to go to the opposite end of Texas to do the second week of the Surface deployment. This week would consist of going to Amarillo, Lubbock, and then Abilene.

Since it’s 8 hours of driving to Amarillo from Austin, my whole Monday was set to be driving. Of course, I hit traffic on 2222 and probably waited longer to get to MoPac than I spent on my commute getting to work.

The terrain definitely did change from the more scrub brush of Central Texas, to flat, dry, and lots of cotton fields. It’s just like how the weather so easily changes on this drive.

Eventually, it became desolate nothing, like when I drove between Laredo and El Paso.

It was definitely warm by the time I got to Amarillo.

The hotel was nice.

That night, I decided to eat healthier and ate some no salt added canned food.

The hotel was nice, but it was interesting when the water faucet fell in the middle of me taking a shower.

The breakfast was like a La Quinta or Holiday Inn Express.

I got to the office bright and early.

I actually had to wait a little bit in the hallway for the office to open. I always am able to make good use of my time and I just whipped out my laptop with cellular air card and then got to work sitting on a chair.

When I got in the office, one of the first things I noticed was a piece of office history. I was told they sometimes (rarely) still use it.

The Surface deployment went smooth and I got my other tasks completed. I then hit the road for Lubbock.

I swung by the office for a little bit, but I had close to a full day in, so I made it to the hotel shortly after. The hotel was nice, and from the view out the window, it was definitely dry and dusty.

Being a La Quinta Elite member, I got my snack and bottle of water.

I was able to work it off in the fitness room. I’ve been hitting up a lot more of these lately and workout when I have a chance.

The next day I made it in the office to work a full day. There was a wifi installation planned for Lubbock. My coworker Tommie was supposed to ride with me so we could both get this knocked out together. It didn’t make sense for us to ride to Amarillo and waste all that time with 2 people to deploy a single Surface. Instead, we took separate vehicles on Monday and I set out for Amarillo, and he set out for Lubbock. I did the Surface deployment and he started on the wifi deployment. Wednesday we were both in the office to help each other get everything left done.

On Wednesday, Tommie finished the wifi deployment and I did the Surface deployment. We helped each other out where necessary and even got a chance to go next door to Steak Express for lunch.

They definitely do Texas-style delivery there.

I decided to get the salmon this time. It didn’t compare to what I had at the Tomlin in Thunder Bay, but it was definitely good for the price (which was much cheaper than the Tomlin).

The next morning, Tommie and I went out separate ways. I was slated to head to Abilene, and he was to go to Odessa. I started the morning with some breakfast. They actually had chocolate milk.

The drive was dark and rainy. I guess the rain was needed seeing how dry it was before.

I made it to the tallest building in Abilene, where our office is located.

The view from the office was nice.

My room was upgraded, so that was definitely a plus.

There was a Walmart down the road, so I took my La Quinta snack and combined it with a Walmart chicken for supper.

The next morning I started with a good breakfast of eggs, sausage, and hot sauce.

The drive was a bit cloudy, but I guess I didn’t have to worry about wearing sunscreen.

With all the driving I’ve done in the past couple weeks, I had to take the car in for service. Normally the people in the mailroom take care of this, but I needed to have the vehicle ready for the next week’s trip, so I took it in for it’s service.

After taking the car in for service, I got back in time for the project status meeting. I was actually able to leave work a bit early, due to having my 8 hours in. I actually only worked 2.5 hours overtime this week so my scheduling and planning was pretty dead on. I wonder how the next upcoming weeks will be, but we’ll have to see, since being on the road can be very unpredictable.

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