America’s Best Value Inn, Kodak, TN

America’s Best Value Inn is one of those economy hotels that is a cheap place to stay. I was riding out a storm, so I decided to pull in.

The Outside:

The Lobby:

The lobby was a separate building.

The Hallways:

This was a motel with outdoor walkways.

The Room:

The room was decent overall, especially for the price. Things were a bit older like a tube TV, but that’s to be expected for a $50 a night room. The one unique thing about this hotel was the key you put in the door. It was a little key fob sort of thing. I have not seen other hotels that do it like this.

The View:

It was just a view of the parking lot.

Internet Speeds:

Internet speeds were decent. In my tiredness, I forgot to grab a speed test. The speeds did allow me to start syncing Dropbox.


For a $50 a night hotel, I was not expecting breakfast. This place actually had it. It was waffles. Yes, only waffles in the shape of a bear. You also got orange juice with it. It was interesting having only a single choice for breakfast. Like I said for $50 a night for a hotel, this was way more than I expected.

Overall, this America’s Best Value Inn does live up to its name. It’s not fancy by any means, but it was a simple place to sleep. The internet was halfway decent, and I got breakfast I wasn’t expecting. Not bad for $50 a night!

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