Andys Paschall Bar, Denton, TX

When Victoria and I were in Downtown Denton, we were looking for a bar to get our second drink at. One bar that caught our attention was Andy’s. This bar appears to be a three-story bar with the basement having food and other events. The main floor is a venue for live music. The top floor is a high-class cocktail bar.

We figured we’d go upstairs to the cocktail bar. When we waited in line, I took some pictures. This is a really cool place that has a historic feel to it. As I looked around, I realized there was no place for us to sit. Victoria was still in line so when I mentioned that we wouldn’t be able to sit down, we decided we’d go to a bar where we could quietly sit.

Even though I didn’t spend much time here, I think it’s a really cool place and like the multi-level concept. Next time, I think we’ll come a bit earlier so we can really explore this bar.

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