Antonio’s Pizza, College Station, TX

It seems like by the slice pizza places are few and far between. I definitely like the concept and am happy in Central Wisconsin there is Polito’s. I have taken Victoria to Polito’s when we visited Wisconsin and she always talked about how Antonio’s was really good and we’d have to try it. Well, that time to try it came up when we were in College Station, so we dropped by and had some pizza.

Just like any good by the slice pizza place has, there was a large row of pizzas sitting there ready to be ordered.

We ordered our pizzas and then waited until they got out of the oven. I took a quick look around the restaurant.

We sat at a counter. This was the first pizza place that I saw had garlic as one of the spices to sprinkle on the pizza.

I had a slice of steak bacon ranch and also chicken picante.

Victoria had a slice of chicken tortellini.

We had been walking a while and decided to hang around a while to rest before we did some more walking. I tried connecting to the wifi, but I see there wasn’t anything there.

Overall, the pizza was excellent. The selection seems a bit bigger than Polito’s and steak definitely makes a good topping on any pizza. These kind of by the slice places are few and far between, but I definitely love going to them because there’s no way 2 people can wolf down a whole pizza. With that being said, the 2 slices I did have were more than enough and I was stuffed. I know I’ll be back again on a future visit and probably will only order one pizza. Now the main problem I’ll have is choosing one since both of my slices were excellent, and I could easily see every single other pizza also being.

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