The Apollo, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Apollo is a quirky, chill bar right downtown on Red River Road. It has couches and is usually not super packed, at least the times I’ve went there, so it’s a great place to just chill and hang out.

They had live entertainment that night. Morgan Orion was playing. I decided to grab a beer and sit down on a couch and listen.

I found out Morgan was an American, like me, and lived in New Orleans. I guess relatively speaking, we lived the same distance apart in drive time as the drive I had completely earlier that day from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay.

He was very entertaining.

This was my first visit to Apollo when there was live entertainment. It was pretty great overall and I had a good time. Other times I visit, it’s been great to just relax and talk with friends. On most trips to Thunder Bay, I’ll stop here at least once and I know if I want a less crowded place to chill out, this is the place to be.

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