Arlington Router Replacement and VIP Tech Support

After getting back from my 5000 mile US and Canada road trip, I was asked to do some traveling for work. One of the Commissioners (government equivalent of Director from a board of directors) was unable to attend a meeting in person. They, instead, were going to do it by video conference. Due to Texas rules on this, if the video feed did not work, the meeting could not continue until the video was restored. Because of this, I was asked to travel to this Commissioner’s house and be on standby in case something went wrong so it could be immediately corrected.

The Commissioner lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, so I also made a plan to replace the router at our Arlington office, which is in this area. The router was old and on our refresh list. I set off in the morning for the Arlington office. Right before I hit Mopac, I saw a really expensive Ferrari.

The clouds threatened rain, but overall the drive there wasn’t too bad.

I replaced the router and took care of a few other things on site. After that, I headed to the hotel. The next day, I worked a little bit remotely and then headed to the Commissioner’s house. It was in a gated community and was a really nice place. I got the video feed going and he was able to do the meeting with no issues.

When they went into executive session, I had to step out due to the confidentiality of that part the meeting. I hung out by his pool and it was a perfect 72 degrees. I was able to do some work on my laptop in the meantime and was also ready at a moment’s notice to jump in if video feed needed to be fixed.

After about 2 hours, he came out and got me. The video feed worked perfectly, so everything went great with the meeting. I headed back to Austin. By then the clouds were really starting to build. It rained hard on and off and traffic eventually did become backed up in a lot of places. It definitely was a challenging drive.

Luckily, by the time I fueled up and got back to the office, most of the rain subsided.

I then made it to the office and unloaded everything. It was a bit later, so I headed home. I took the back way and avoided MoPac. On the way into town, it appearing super backed up and not worth taking. Overall, this trip was successful and I was happy to get one location’s router replacement off my list and also make sure the video feed for the Commission Meeting went smoothly.

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