Arlington and Tyler Work Trip

Coming back from Wisconsin, I had my work set out for me. We are in the middle of a Microsoft Surface deployment and I am the guy to hit the road to deploy them. The plan was to mail all the Surfaces out to the people receiving them, give them a few weeks to play with them, and then I was going to come on site to tie up any loose ends that remained as well as answer any questions the users had. My first trip was going to be Arlington for 2 days and then Tyler for a day.

The one nice thing about Arlington, is the hotel is super close. You can even see it from the office window.

I’ve stayed at this hotel several times before. The room was the standard room I am used to.

I had a view of Six Flags out my window.

After a long day of work, I decided to get some Subway, since it was just down the road.

The breakfast was a standard La Quinta breakfast. The one thing that sucked is the first morning there wasn’t much food available and the gravy was cold. I was happy the second morning everything was good to go.

After another long day of helping out with the Surfaces, I wanted something quick to eat. I decided to go to the same Subway and get something. There was this older guy in front of me with his cell phone out reading what appeared to be a long list of instructions for six subs he wanted to order. After 5-10 minutes of standing there and he was only on the third sub, I got impatient and left. I decided to get some McDonalds instead.

The next morning, I hit the road at about 6:15 to go to Tyler. I knew there’d be another long day ahead of me and I would have another 4-hour drive back to Austin that night. Luckily on my way to Tyler, I had the company car, because I had to go on a crappy two lane toll road. I wrote a separate blog entry on it.

For the Tyler office, I had to bring 2 surfaces for the people in the office. I was able to get them up and running to allow me to hit the road at a reasonable time for me to get back to Austin before the sun went down. The way back from Tyler was pretty scenic. My GPS took me slightly different route than the last times I was there. I went past this lake with a long bridge.

I got a decent amount accomplished on this trip. I have more sites coming up to visit so there’s more adventures to come!

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