An Attempt to go to the Hoito, Thunder Bay, Ontario

So I’ve been told the Hoito is a Thunder Bay institution. The Barenaked Ladies even made a little rap about getting pancakes at there before they came to Bluefest. I knew this was a place I would have to try.

I walked down through the metal doors and the place appeared to be packed with a line waiting.

I waited about 5 or so minutes, but nobody had come up to say what kind of wait there would be. Since I wanted to do some more exploring and time was a bit tight, I decided I’d go eat somewhere else. Obviously, this place has to be good if the Barenaked Ladies were calling it out on stage and everyone in the Facebook groups recommend it.

I guess the biggest problem with being good is it becomes super popular and ultimately super packed. On a next visit to Thunder Bay, I will have to hit this place up, but at least I tried this time.

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