Austin Area Bloggers Meetup Photo Walk Round 2

Last year, we did a photo walk for the Austin Area Bloggers Meetup There was a good turnout so Joey, the organizer of the meetup, decided to do it again. Just like last year, we met at Zax.

This year, the turnout wasn’t as great as last year. It ended up just being the 3 of us: Joey, Barry, and me. Besides using my cell phone as a camera, I brought my 360 camera. There were a few quirks with this to actually take photos. You have to take a video first and then extract the photo with the video editing software.

The issue is the photo function in the editor software does not work and it currently cannot upload an interactive photo that actually works (this is a known issue that they have an active thread on their forums for). To work around this, I had to first take a video and then extract a partial second clip from it. Then I just kept adjusting the speed of the video to half until I had a minute video for YouTube. I guess until they get this fixed, I’ll just use YouTube for the pictures. The first “picture” was us at the table.

The nice thing about a smaller group was it allowed a bit more flexibility and we wouldn’t get spread out like we did last year. We started our walk down Riverside Drive. Besides making the pictures, I also found some halfway decent video to post. Here is one of us crossing Congress Avenue.

Now Austin is gentrifying fast. Last year this convenience store was closed.

This year, it was spruced up and open.

We made our way to the boardwalk that starts the walking trail next to the south side of the Colorado River.

The boardwalk had a lot of trees and rocks. We started seeing the river, along with the downtown buildings.

We all were stopping and taking pictures. The view the city got better. We got to a more gravel path with some woods around it.

There were a lot of people waiting for bats at the Congress Street Bridge.

I was able to get this awesome shot of Downtown Austin by the Congress Street Bridge.

We walked over to by Auditorium Shores. There was this metal shelter thing.

You definitely wanted to watch your head inside because birds liked to hang out there. They might drop down a surprise! Like last year, we wanted to get the sunset on the big hill.

Seeing the city from this angle was cool.

It is always good to get out with my fellow bloggers and socialize. Doing a picture walk helps me hone in on my photography skills and bouncing blogging ideas with other bloggers definitely helps me hone my craft. This is one meetup I’ll continue to try to attend in the future.

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