Austin Java, Austin, TX

Victoria was due for her first oil change for her new car. This oil change was free through the dealership she bought it from. She scheduled an early Saturday morning appointment to have it done. I decided to get up with her so we could both grab breakfast during the oil change. It beats sticking around in a waiting room. I also wanted a cool place to blog about.

Victoria looked up places that were open early and she found an Austin Java location was near. This is a local chain that has been around since 1995. The one we went to was on Manchaca Rd. This one had recently opened and we (unknowingly) came on their grand opening day. It was early in the morning, so they were still preparing for it.

When we went inside, it was quiet. This was good since it was a pretty early weekend morning for us.

We got the menus and I was trying to decide what I wanted.

I got a big glass a water of some of their medium roast coffee.

The coffee was very smooth and went down well. I slowly started to wake up as I waited for my meal. With the menu I was thinking of getting an omelette, but when I saw the breakfast burger, I had to jump on it!

Victoria got chicken and waffles.

When I posted the picture of the breakfast burger on Instagram, people commented about the “burnt” burger. It may have looked a little burnt on top, but it didn’t taste burnt (I was actually a bit surprised it didn’t taste burnt after seeing it). The burger was unique with a sausage patty, onion ring, egg, and bacon between a nice and firm bun. The fries on the side were perfectly crispy.

I had a taste of Victoria’s chicken. It was very juicy. I also checked the wifi. They had great speeds!

They also had the quirky Austin vibe going. There was funky music playing. This reminded me of another quirky place in Austin, Flyrite Chicken. Bob Ross was on the TV and the ketchup was fancy.

There were also those new credit card readers that you could pay at the table. These are common in Canada and I’ve only seen it at one other place in Austin, Waterloo Ice House. I was happy Austin Java is another forward thinking company!

We were offered a to go cup on the coffee. The coffee was good that I wasn’t going to pass that up!

As we left, the place was filling up more. The outside looked a lot more festive as they continued preparing for the grand opening. Our waitress invited us back later for some of the festivities.

While we didn’t go back for the grand opening festivities, we were impressed at the good meal we ate. A breakfast burger is something very unique and chicken and waffles is a breakfast staple of any good Texas restaurant. The quirkiness of Austin was embodied in this restaurant, and I’m also glad they’re forward thinking in using the credit card readers at the table. I can see why they’re doing well and expanding in Austin!

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