Back and Forth to the Austin DO

As you can see, I do a ton of traveling for work. The crazy thing is, I have never been to the Austin DO (district office), which is only a few miles across town. The DO contains the enforcement and some of licensing divisions. This week, was the first week of our Microsoft Surface deployment (you will see a lot more blog entries on this since I have to go all over Texas for this project), so this was going to be my first trip. We also had to install WiFi there.

This week was set to be the pilot phase of the project that would allow us to find some of the kinks before we deployed it out agency wide. I had reserved the company car the whole week to go back and forth as needed. This time, I was able to get the newest addition to the company car fleet: A Ford Explorer.

Luckily, the Explorer can stop on a dime (and I also had a reasonable following distance). One of the days, on the way over, the guy ahead of me decided to slam on the brakes. I slammed on my brakes and was sure I was going to run into the back of him. Luckily, I stopped about 6 feet short of it. The guy behind me had to do the same and he swerved and went about 3-4 cars ahead of me on the shoulder before he stopped. That would have not been pretty if he ran into the back of me, especially for my coworker Tommie, who was sitting in the passenger seat with the ladder right behind him. This is why I tend to not drive around Austin much and take the bus places.

The DO itself is an old 80’s Wolf of Wall Street-sort of building with these weird columns.

It actually reminds of the song, “I’m an Adult Now,” by The Pursuit of Happiness, especially at 2:05 in the music video where he is dressed in a suit by the building. This building just reeks 80’s Corporate America and just 80’s in general.

One thing I don’t get is the need for columns by the entrance. Luckily I did not have to carry much in, but even maneuvering a ladder around them and into the front door was interesting.

The entrance mat seemed like an 80’s ISP. Maybe the building management company was an 80’s ISP that decided to do building management since Omninet really sounds like an internet provider.

The week overall didn’t go too bad and we were able to get everyone their Surfaces, as well as get the WiFi installed. It’ll be interesting hitting the road and seeing all of Texas in the upcoming weeks. I think it is projected out that I will take 14-16 weeks to complete this project, so stay tuned for a lot more traveling!

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