Back up to Sherman and Denton

Lately, seems like every time I go up to Wisconsin, I end up at the border before I go up and then when I get back to Texas, I end up retracing the route I took back down when I travel the next week for work. This happened for Thanksgiving 2016 where I drove 3000 miles in a week. I was in El Paso before I drove up to Wisconsin and then when I came back had to go to Arlington to continue the Surface deployment.

This was also the case again after spending Christmas in Wisconsin. I ended up going through Dallas via Highway 75 and then taking I35E to get the Sherman, like I did the opposite way on my way down.

I first made it to Dallas and drove through it.

This day was set for just catching up in the office and driving, so I drove straight to the hotel instead of the office.

This hotel definitely had an 80’s theme going on.

The next morning I went down for breakfast. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, so I settled for oatmeal and a cup of coffee.

The Sherman office was definitely very historic.

I found another Packer fan! They’re definitely rare being in Cowboy’s country and I have only met 2 other ones. One was in Conroe and the other Corpus Christi.

They also had some interesting old cans of beer from Wisconsin.

I ended up being way ahead of schedule and drove through the cloudy day to Denton, which was scheduled for the next day. It was around noon when I got to the hotel, but was lucky they had my room available. I worked out of the hotel room the rest of the day.

I found a phone on the night stand and on the desk. Being this close really seemed to defeat the purpose.

I got some exercise in the exercise room.

I decided to go to Walmart to get some more healthy food for the next 2 nights.

The next morning, it was cold by Texas standards. There was actually a sheet of ice on the windshield.

The Denton office is a part of a bunch of county buildings. They have a sprawling office complex and share the office with the game wardens. You can definitely tell the game wardens are in the office.

The next morning I splurged a little bit with some bacon and eggs.

There was a rumor that there would be snow, so I was bracing for the worst on the roads, since accidents do slow things to a crawl in choked off areas. It was cloudy and some southbound vehicles had a lot of snow on them. The wind was also nasty.

I guess people must have become paranoid of driving, basically like the time we had a Texas snow day. The driving wasn’t bad and he lanes were clear. I actually made good time with really no traffic holdups.

It was nice getting back to Austin to relax for the weekend. It still was definitely a lot colder, but nothing compared to what it was up North at the same time. It was actually about the same temperature as Wisconsin had been when we were there. I guess, on the way down, we must have brought the cold with us.

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