Bamboo Bistro Austin, TX

Bamboo Bistro is a good place to get your Asian food fix at a reasonable price. Victoria and I decided to take advantage of their lunch specials and have lunch here.

You walk up to the counter and place your order. They have a good variety of lunch specials.

You can tell they’re super popular. The cooks appeared to be working at full speed and cranking out as many food orders as they could.

After we placed our order, I took a little walk around the restaurant. It has the feel of your typical fast-casual eatery.

We put our number down on the table, and I looked at what was on the table. I could see everything I needed to make an Asian meal complete was sitting there.

The cooks were running at full throttle. My egg roll came out pretty fast!

Shortly after, my chicken lo mein and Victoria’s sweet and sour chicken appeared.

The meals had less meat and vegetables than a place like Shu Shu’s, but the price was much cheaper. The quality of the food was good, and it was the right portion to fill me up. I was able to eat it all without becoming overstuffed.

“Rely on long time friends to give you good advice.” This was my fortune cookie. I would say it was good advice for the conversation Victoria and I were having. We were talking about some of the details of our upcoming wedding and relying on long time friends is something we may have to do.

Before I left, I checked to see if there was wifi. I did not see anything.

Overall, Bamboo Bistro is a good place to eat. Their prices are on par with McDonald’s, but their quality is so much better. It’s a great place to satisfy that Asian food craving without hitting the wallet too hard!

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