Barbecupid, Thunder Bay, ON

Living in Texas, BBQ is everywhere. I’ve come to acquire the taste for Texas-style BBQ and really like to use it as my baseline when trying other BBQ. My buddy Ryan recommended we try Barbecupid when I was visited Thunder Bay. It would definitely be interesting to try to compared Canadian BBQ with Texas BBQ!

I was told that Barbecupid started as a food truck. If you look at the picture above of the outside of the building, it’s clear their Facebook still reflects that. They just served enough good BBQ that they were able to expand and get a physical location.

When you walk in, it’s a nice cozy restaurant.

The menu still holds true to the food truck days. There are mainly sandwiches and other things that are easy to carry off.

They are also big on sourcing local.

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and Ryan ordered the cauliflower bites.

The pulled pork was nice and juicy. That’s always a good sign. It was also sweet and smoky. I knew this wasn’t quite the Texas-style, but it was good! I also tried one of Ryan’s cauliflower bites and it had this same taste. It was very much like what you’d find in the Carolinas.

Ryan knew one of the guys working there so we talked a while. I got to see the smoker and knew it was awesome that things are smoked right on site.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with Barbecupid. When you go to an area that isn’t traditionally known for a certain food, it’s easy to be wary. Barbecupid did a great job of capturing that Carolina taste and the cauliflower bites are definitely a unique thing I haven’t seen before!

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