Bay Meats Butcher Shop, Thunder Bay, ON

What do you get when two tax accountants buy a butcher shop?

You get a sleek and minimalist approach to selling meat in a place called Bay Meats. You also get some cool collaborations with other local businesses.

The inside feels minimalist and to the point. There’s no shelves or really anything else going on besides the meat itself and a select few other things.

The packing is bright and vibrant, yet still holds a bit of a minimalist theme to it.

Another thing I noticed was the collaborations with local businesses. Bay Meats used Sleeping Giant Brewing Company’s beer and infused it in their jerky. When I tried the jerky, it was one of the most unique flavors for jerky I’ve ever tried!

I was sent home with some Northern Logger jerky, Northern Logger Pepperettes, and some spicy maple pepperettes.

The Northern Logger infused jerky and pepperettes were pretty amazing! There wasn’t much smoke taste to it, but that obviously wasn’t the intention of the meat. The point was to taste the beer. I love that taste of Northern Logger so this was good to me.

The spicy maple pepperettes were also something that was unique. Anything maple screams Canadian.  The sweet and spicy combined together was really good!

I was told Bay Meats gets their influences from Finland and the fact that one of the owners has Crohn’s disease. They stress being gluten-free, nitrate\nitrite free, and locally rooted. With that and their flashy packaging, I could definitely see this on the shelves of Whole Foods! I guess two tax accountants owning a butcher shop does create a different way of doing meats!

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