Bazaar & Novelty, Thunder Bay, ON

Sometimes you run into cool places by accident. This was the case of Bazaar & Novelty. I had went out to lunch with on of my readers, Daniel, and his mother Sue at The Sal. As we were talking I found out about their business.

Now if I ever won the lottery, a business like this would be one of the first places I call. I know my house would contain a full arcade and bar. A company like Bazaar & Novelty would be able to supply all the good stuff. I know I’d be getting slushie and popcorn machines.

Being that I’m not rich, I still enjoy seeing this stuff (one can dream). Maybe it’s also the MBA thinking in me that likes seeing how businesses like this are worked in the supply chain. I know all the cool stuff I enjoy at the events I attend are provided by companies like this.

In Thunder Bay, I see a lot of local businesses work together in a way I haven’t see elsewhere. I’m sure I’ve indirectly supported Bizarre & Novelty in many of the places I go. Seeing this part of the supply chain was definitely really cool and I thank Daniel and Sue for the tour!

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