Beachfront Inn, Fort Pierce, FL

By all standard measures of a hotel, there was nothing spectacular about this hotel. Actually, the place seemed very dated. What made this hotel spectacular was the character of it. This is the kind of place I could picture Jimmy Buffet coming in on his boat, hanging out for a few days, and writing, “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

After I got some work done at Jaycee Park, I picked Mat up. He acted as my GPS and we headed near the beach and entertainment district. This was the first hotel we stopped at. The plan was to check the rates of several hotels and then come to the one with the best deal. The lady at the counter was super friendly and basically offered us a good enough rate that it wouldn’t be worth shopping around anymore.

Now, I did say the hotel was a bit dated. They were in the process of renovating and we were offered a renovated room, but it was a bit more. We were planning to party that night anyway, so it was merely a place to sleep.

The Lobby:

The lobby and registration desk was in a separate building right up front.

The Outside:

The hotel building itself was a little ways away in a separate building. As you can see, it definitely had that Jimmy Buffet beach feel.

The Hallways:

The hallways were outdoor walkways.

The Room:

As I said, the room was a bit dated, but it just seemed right out of a Jimmy Buffet song. Then again, when he was popular, the decor was in style. This just added to the character of the place.

The View:

The view is what made this hotel amazing. I was told there was some dredging going on, and you could definitely see the construction, but on the other end of it, it made the water a cool color. With the waves crashing on the shore and the nice views, it was a great place to relax and have a beer.

Internet Connection:

The one thing that was really lousy here was the internet connection. I guess that’s typical for hotels, but it was pretty bad here.

The Bar:

The lady at the front desk gave us a drink voucher for the bar downstairs. We definitely took that up and, besides the beer on the patio, this is where we started our drinking. I drank Yuengling per a recommendation of another friend. The bar itself was very mellow and relaxed. We ended up staying until they shut it down for the night.

Also, this bar had the most paper towel dispensers I have ever seen right next to each other in the bathroom.

Overall, this place was pretty cool. The scenery and decor reminded me of a Jimmy Buffet song. The staff was friendly, both at the front desk and the bar. It was just a cool place to hang out and relax a bit.

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