Beaumont, Conroe, and Bryan Surface Deployment

Unlike the last 2 weeks in Arlington and Houston where I was in a single place all week, this week I’d be hitting the road at several different places. This week would be Beaumont, Conroe, and Bryan.

I always top off the tank before I leave and also grab breakfast. I decided to get some breakfast tacos.

After filling up, it was time to sit and wait in Austin traffic.

On my way to Beaumont, the traffic through Houston wasn’t bad.

After going through the big city of Houston, it was off to the East Texas swamps and bayous.

I had to take a leak, so I stopped at one of the rest stops along the way. I found the most bare working vending machines I have ever seen.

I finally made it to the Beaumont office. They were putting some Christmas cheer around the moonshine still.

I prepped everything for the following day’s deployment and then headed to the hotel room.

There was a Subway right next door to the hotel so I got a sub and combined it with my elite bag for dinner.

The next morning they had stuff for breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos are always good!

Unlike Wisconsin, which was experiencing below zero temperatures, it was warm and humid in Beaumont.

I made it to the office before it started to downpour.

All the agents came in and I finished the deployment. I then headed to Conroe. It was definitely warming up along the way.

There were a lot of very tall trees on the drive

When I got to Conroe, I started setting up for the next day’s deployment. One of the agents was in the office, so I got him up and running. He was a big Aggie like my girlfriend.

After getting everything done I wanted to for the day, I headed to the hotel. The hotel was a nicer La Quinta.

It actually even had a ceiling fan, which I’ve found to be kind of rare with all the La Quintas I have stayed at.

I decided to get a little exercise in the exercise room. These can be hit or miss depending on the La Quinta.

This La Quinta also had tortillas and I was able to make a breakfast taco the next morning.

When I got to the office, the licensing person was there. I found out she was originally from Wisconsin and is a Packer fan.

I got the deployment done and was ready to hit the road for my last stop, Bryan. There was a little bit of traffic in Conroe.

For dinner, I saw a gas station selling chicken. i decided to stop and get some lunch to eat while I drove.

I finally made it to the Bryan office. I was going to setup early like I did for the other sites, but all the agents were there so I started getting them deployed. I got a quick peak out the window while doing this.

One rule of IT is never become too optimistic. I thought I’d have the whole deployment done that night and could leave a day early. There ended up being a lot of quirky things popping up, so I wouldn’t be going back a day early and would have to come into the office again. My intuition always seems to be correct when I do my initial planning. I am usually able to remain on schedule and keep my workweeks around 40 hours. This was no different and my optimism proved to be wrong, but my more realistic planning in the past proved to be right.

I fought traffic to get back to the hotel that night.

This was the only day I worked over 8 hours for the week. The sun was going down and there was a cool sunset.

The La Quinta appeared to be brand new and it was nice.

I didn’t feel like fighting traffic, so I walked across the parking lot to the Marco’s Pizza and got a sub to go with my elite bag.

I noticed on my room key there was an advertisement for them with free delivery to the room. I’d hope it would be free since it’s literally walking across the parking lot. I didn’t notice that until I got my sub. I need my exercise anyway.

The next morning I had some of these french fry sort of things with my breakfast. This is the first La Quinta to offer this.

It had definitely cooled down a bit.

I got to the office and continued with the deployment. I took a rare lunch break and went with the agents to a place called Willie’s for a burger. It was good.

In the Bryan office, they also had some Christmas cheer going on.

Part of what I do on site is collect old equipment that is no longer needed. I had to bring this old museum piece back to Austin.

I worked a standard day and everything was up and running by normal quitting time. I headed back to the hotel and then went the Layne’s “Soon to Be Famous” Chicken Fingers. The next morning, I was off to Austin. It was a bit cool, misty, and foggy, but I made it back in good time. I was able to start working on a few things that needed to be done in the office and didn’t have any immediate plans for travel in the next week. With as much traveling as I have been doing, it might be a little weird to spend a few days in the actual main office at my assigned desk.

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