The Beer Store, Thunder Bay, Ontario

For the most part, The Beer Store holds a monopoly on selling beer in Ontario. I have noticed as time progresses, a few other places are now selling beer, but when I first started visiting Thunder Bay, this was the only place, besides LCBO (who holds the liquor monopoly) I could find beer to go.

When you first walk into the store, it seems very different than buying beer in the United States. I’m used to walking into a gas station or grocery store and grabbing it out of a fridge or off the shelf myself. Besides a few individual cans up front, you have to tell the guy behind the counter what you want and then he gets it from the back. Another noticeable difference is the price. Just like liquor, it’s taxed heavily and it’s nothing to bay over $40 for a case of beer of $3-5 for an individual can of microbrew.

As a note on all the pictures taken, I didn’t realize you couldn’t take pictures in The Beer Store until after I took a bunch and the guy noticed what I was doing and asked me not to take pictures. Obviously, I had a bunch of pictures already taken that I’m posting, but if for some reason this traces back to this beer store and employee, the guy did his job asking me not to take pictures, so I wanted to state that so it doesn’t look like he wasn’t doing his job (as well as I stopped taking pictures when asked).

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