Black Walnut Cafe, Austin, TX

Black Walnut Cafe has the speed of a fast casual restaurant, but the quality of a really good sit down restaurant. It’s basically the best of both worlds and they make an amazing breakfast!

Like I said, it’s a fast casual restaurant, so you walk up to the counter and order. Just like a place like Perkins, they have ice cream and other stuff to tempt you at the front counter while you place your order.

After you place your order, you get a buzzer that lets you know when the food is done. In the meantime, I did a little walk around of the restaurant and also got my drink.

At the table, there is some hot sauce.

This goes good, especially with breakfast. Victoria got the chicken and waffles and I got an omelet.

I’ve been to this place a bunch of times and it is a really good spot to eat. Their food has always been excellent and it has always come out very quickly. It’s only a short drive from my apartment, so I know this is a good go to spot, especially for breakfast.

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