Blaze Pizza, Austin, TX

You may have read my blog entry on Mod Pizza and the whole build your own pizza concept. If not, it’s basically like Subway, but for pizza. You pay a flat rate for a pizza and load it with whatever toppings you want. While Mod Pizza is known for this, they’re not the only game in town. There’s a place called Blaze Pizza that has the same concept. Victoria and I decided to eat there one night after work.

I grabbed a menu, but then I thought, “Why bother?” I knew what I wanted. A “cheap bastard” pizza. That’s right. It’s one flat fee for as many toppings as I like. I’m getting my money’s worth. Give me everything!

They threw that bastard in the oven and you could tell it was going to take some time to cook.

While it was cooking, I went on and got some lemonade.

One thing I’ll commend Blaze Pizza on is environmental awareness. “Straws suck” to them and they don’t want to pollute the environment. They use different lids to make it work without a straw.

After putting their new-style lid on, Victoria and I took a seat and waited for our pizzas.

My pizza came out looking more like a baked salad. I couldn’t say I wasn’t neglecting my veggies!

Victoria’s pizza was way more modest.

Being the Native Cheesehead I am, I had to put more cheese on the pizza.

My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Luckily, they had to-go boxes.

One the way out, I snapped a few more pictures of the restaurant.

Blaze Pizza is really good. I definitely got my money’s worth out of this pizza!

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