Blue Baker, Austin, TX

Just like how we took a trip to Waco to visit Fuego, another staple of Victoria’s college experience at Texas A&M was Blue Baker. She told me many students would study there and they have good food. We decided to go there on one of our Friday lunch dates.

Whoever designed the branding of Blue Baker did a very good job. You can tell the color scheme is consistent throughout the restaurant and fits well with the name.

In their outdoor eating area, you can clearly see the blue theme, including a blue mini picnic table.

The inside feels huge. There are 2 separate seating areas that feel a world apart from each other. There is also a massive amount of baking equipment, but that’s obviously expected at a place specializing in baked goods.

The counter is insanely long. The only other place I really remember a really long counter like this is Persian Man in Thunder Bay.

We grabbed a menu as we made our way down to the ordering area.

There were some samples along the way. You can definitely tell they had been picked through!

They even had a stone oven.

We ordered our food and then went to the table. They gave us a buzzer there to let us know when the food was ready.

I got a Turnhino sandwich and some chips.

Victoria got an Indigo sandwich with some tomato soup.

The food was nice and warm. This was good because the day we visited it was chilly out. Besides being great tasting food, it really warmed us up on an otherwise cold day! While we were eating, I tested the wifi. While the food was good, the wifi wasn’t. Hopefully the College Station branch was a bit faster if people relied on it to study, but this wifi was slow.

I wasn’t there for the wifi anyway, so it didn’t matter as much to me. I did think this restaurant did a good job on the food and I was also impressed with its branding and how they kept the color scheme good to the theme. I guess when you have an MBA, you notice those things, but everything I noticed about this restaurant was very good. I can see why Victoria enjoyed it in College Station and I am happy there is now one in Austin!

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