Blue Bell Creameries, Brenham, TX

Blue Bell ice cream has been a staple of Texas since 1907. They started in Brenham and expanded across the Southern US over the years. Being from Wisconsin, I never really even heard of it until I moved to Texas. People swear by it, and it’s honestly pretty good ice cream.

Being that Brenham is only about 90 miles from Austin, I decided to take a road trip there. I first headed to the visitor center and then over to the ice cream parlor area. In the ice cream parlor area, you first walk inside and to your immediate left is a Texas baseball hall of fame. You can then go upstairs to where they serve the ice cream.

There’s also a gift shop and then observation deck. They unfortunately don’t allow pictures in the observation deck, so I didn’t get any there. I thought there were full-blown tours, but the best you got was looking at the observation deck.

To be honest, I don’t blame them for not giving actual tours. From the observation deck, the workers seemed to be like a bunch of busy ants. The space in the factory is tight. You’d get idiot tour takers getting in the worker’s way. Trust me I know this firsthand. I too once worked in a place that handled dairy products, but this time I was making cheese.

I know it is very Wisconsin of me to work in a cheese factory. I remember the tours where I’d be minding my own business. I’d be putting bags on the machine every time it spit out a 40-pound block of cheese. You’d get one or two people from a tour thinking it was appropriate to stand in the area I was working. It was a pain to say the least, and I definitely know why Blue Bell doesn’t do tours.

I wish I could have taken pictures off the observation deck. I’m hoping my description paints a nice picture in your head. Think of a mass of workers in white uniforms almost on top of each other cranking out tubs of ice cream. In many ways, it was impressive to see. It looked like things were moving pretty fast and a lot of ice cream was being made in relatively limited space.

After I checked out the observation deck, I got a bowl of salted caramel ice cream. It was $1. That’s a heck of a deal, and I picked the right flavor. The ice cream tasted great! After eating my bowl of ice cream, I headed back to the parking lot.

I decided to go to the front and snap a few more pictures. The front has a few statues inside a perfectly manicured area. Overall, the whole place felt historic and well put together. I enjoyed my time visiting.

Now the question is since Blue Bell isn’t in Wisconsin, can it bring a little Wisconsin to Texas? There’s an ice cream flavor up there called “blue moon”. It was one of my favorites as a kid and I think it would be perfect as a new flavor. “Blue Moon by Blue Bell” even has a good ring to it. I have a feeling if they’d make this flavor, I’d have a whole table of $1 cups the next time I visited.

The following are my pictures of my visit to the Blue Bell Creamery:

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