Blue Heron Brewpub, Marshfield, WI

Blue Heron Brewpub or just “The Brewpub” is one of those unique places in Marshfield. Many years ago, Marshfield did have an actual brewery. It eventually went out of business, so there wasn’t any beer made locally in Marshfield in the recent past. That changed when the Brewpub opened a while back. They brew a bunch of their own beer and I know are actively involved with the local home brewing association. They also have a lot of relics of Marshfield’s past, including references to the old Marshfield Brewery.

I went here for my class reunion. I have been here in the past and they do make both good food and beer. Since I had already eaten, I did not eat this time and since I was driving, I choose to drink pop instead of beer. The atmosphere is definitely a bit more upscale and it’s generally a good place to hang out and try some local beer.

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