Blueberry Hill, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Before I went to Bluesfest, I had walked from Night’s Inn to downtown, and made it just in time to dodge the rain. I was also hungry, so I decided to stop into Blueberry Hill. I saw their speciality was shakes and smoothies, but I also did see they served pizza. I’m always in the mood for pizza, so I knew it would hit the spot.

The place was a bit empty, but the cool thing was I was able to talk to the owner and his girlfriend as they continued to tidy up an already very clean restaurant. We actually chatted a while on a bunch of different things while I waited for the rain to clear. They also had outlets on the wall so my phone got a much needed charge.

Overall, the pizza was good and it was nice to have a conversation with the owners, as well as support a local business. I did like the fact they had pizza by the slice and I was able to to keep dry while I waited for the rain to pass.

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