Bluesfest Festival Grounds in Marina Park, Thunder Bay, ON

Last year, I wrote my blog entries for each individual day at Bluesfest. Day one, two, and three all contained pictures of the festival grounds. This year, I decided to take a bunch of pictures of the festival grounds and put it into its own blog entry. 

I was fortunate to get into town a little bit early when they were setting up.

On the first day, I went gung-ho with my picture taking to show a good idea of the grounds. I also checked up on the wifi speeds.

Before I left Canada, I was able to swing by again and get the festival grounds the morning after the last night.

As I continue to go to more Bluesfests, I wonder how much the grounds will change. I do think they have a nice layout there and I’m still surprised at how clean they keep things going. I had a great time at Bluesfest itself and you can read about the rest of it here.

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