Bob Evans, Port Charlotte, FL

In the grocery store, I’ve always seen Bob Evans branded products. They usually sell mac and cheese or some other side. I have bought them from time to time, but I never realized Bob Evans is a restaurant chain. They’re not in Texas, and I’ve never seen one in Wisconsin.

When I was by Victoria’s brother Michael, we decided to order from them for takeout. I snapped a few pictures of the restaurant since I had never seen one before.

When I got to Michael’s house, I dug in. I got some baked chicken, coleslaw, and mac and cheese. It was good! The one thing that was really good was the ranch dressing.

Maybe sometime if I see a Bob Evans, I’ll stop and eat inside. Now I can at least say I’ve been to one and the food itself is good. I can purchase their branded food at the grocery store, so at least that’s available. Maybe eventually they’ll come to Texas.

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