Bogdala’s Smoked Meats, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The first time I bought some Bogdala’s jerky was at the Thunder Bay Country Market. I threw it in my cooler and then later proceeded to drive to Toronto. It wasn’t until I hit Michigan and I was hungry, that I discovered how good this jerky was.

Now, if you know me, you know I love jerky and can be very particular of it. I’ve been known to drive 100 miles just to get good jerky. With that being said, Bogdala’s jerky is amazing! It is thick cut, a bit moist, and has a really strong smokey flavor. I knew on my short trip to Thunder Bay, I had to visit the actual place that made the jerky.

What I found out is Bogdala’s is not only a smoked meats shop, but a full Polish grocery store!

Of course, I bought what first caught my attention to this shop. I got a pack of regular jerky and a pack of sweet and spicy jerky. Just like the first time I tried it, they were both excellent!

I’m glad I impulsively just bought a pack of this jerky at the Thunder Bay Country Market. It made me discover a jerky that I really like and also gave me another place to explore. I will have to try some of their other products and also see if there’s some Polish brands of groceries that I will come to like.

All I know is this place really opened the door for me looking for more Polish-style smoked meats, so I may have to go on a mission around Austin to find something comparable. This place definitely set the bar high, so we’ll see what I can come up with!

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