Botas en Nuevo Progreso

My (cowboy) boots are starting to get worn out. I bought them a year ago and have worn them pretty much everywhere. They were the most basic pair of Justin’s. One thing I have come to realize in my search for new boots is how expensive the boots really are. Mine did not have any designs on them and still ran me about $85 last year. It seems the boots have become more expensive and a good pair of entry-level boots starts out at least $150-200. It is nothing to spend $300-400+ on a pair of boots if you are looking beyond the basic selection. If you start looking at exotic leathers, it is even more expensive.

I know boots (botas) are way cheaper in Mexico and I have been toying around with the idea of starting an import business on the side. I decided to visit Neuvo Progresso again, as I did in March. I figured this would be the best place to visit since it is really “Gringo Mexico.” I say this because everything is priced in dollars and most of the shopkeepers speak good English. There are also more white people roaming around the streets than Mexicans.

When I went last time, it was a celebration in thanks to the “Winter Texans.” Obviously the snowbirds had migrated back north for the summer. I thought I was going to be one of the only ones around there, especially since it was supposed to be 95 out and there were some strong storms that I encountered on the way down. When I pulled into the parking lot that nestles the border on the US side, I see I was mistaken. The lot was definitely full and there were a ton of people around.

The nice thing about this lot is parking is $2 for all day. You don’t have to take your car into Mexico and the bridge is a short walk away. I walked over to the bridge and quick snapped a picture of Mexico from the bridge.

As I walked across, there was a ton of activity going on. Vendors and shopkeepers were trying to hustle me into their stores or to buy something on their table. It’s definitely a very lively environment. One thing I noticed is there were a lot of Packers items to buy there. In this case, the guy had a bunch of wallets with the Packer G on them.

There are two boot stores across the road from each other, Mr. Boots and Jr. Boots. I was on the side of the street of Jr. Boots so I went there. I ended up buying 2 pairs of boots from there. I then walked back to the bridge, went through customs, and put the boots in my car. My next trip I came over and bought a few more things.

On my trip to Illinois, I brought up some of the Tequila I bought the last time I was here. My buddies really liked it so I decided to pick up another liter of it. When I was in the store, I saw you could also still get packs of cigarettes for under a buck.

After I bought my liquor, I shopped around a little more and bought a few more things. I finished my trip at Jr. Boots and bought another pair of boots there.

By now I had 3 pairs of boots. They were definitely very good boots and I got a good deal on them.

When I came over with my liquor, I BS’d with the TABC guys a little bit as I paid my tax. I then hit the road and ran into some interesting storms on the way back. I am hoping this rain clears up eventually as it is starting to get annoying.

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