Bottle Cap Alley, College Station, TX

Bottle Cap Alley is located in the Northgate area North of the Texas A&M Campus. While it seems unclear how it started and I couldn’t find an Aggie Tradition to really define this area, Bottle Cap Alley is literally an alley between the Dixie Chicken and The Dry Bean Saloon that is covered in bottle caps. The most logical explanation (and also what Wikipedia thinks) is the workers of the bars had so many bottle caps at the end of the night, they dumped them in the alley.

Talking to Victoria’s dad who also went to Texas A&M, he told me that the Dixie Chicken was so packed that there would be a circular line to get drinks at the bar. The line would circle around the bar into bottle cap alley and take 15-20 minutes to fully go around. People would have continued drinking in this alley until the line moved back into the bar.

I’ve actually never seen anything like this before. Maybe there’s some other alley out there in a college town that does this or a frat house hallway that looks like this, but as far as I know, this is a very unique place. I didn’t see anyone drinking in the alley, so I guess times have changed there, but it does look like this place has been a staple of Northgate for ages now.

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