Brazos Valley Cheese, Waco, TX

If you know me, you know I like cheese. I guess that comes with the territory of growing up in Wisconsin. While it seems there’s a cheese factory on every corner in Wisconsin, they’re a little bit harder to come by in Texas. When I do discover a place that makes its own cheese, I have to check it out.

Brazos Valley Cheese is tucked on the outskirts of Waco, TX. It is surrounded by some very scenic nature and gives you that nice country feel. Inside they have a window where you can see their vat where they make the fresh cheese. I was told that the milk comes from a local dairy. Basically, it’s kind of like getting the Wisconsin cheese experience right in Texas.

Brazos Valley Cheese has a wide variety of cheeses and plenty of samples. I know I sampled every single one and they all tasted good! They also have a “cheese cave” that you can go down and see their cheeses aging. That cheese cave also helps you cool down on a hot day like the day Victoria and I visited.

The following are the pictures I took on this visit. Victoria and I first went into the store and then checked out the cheese cave. We then went back into the store and bought a couple things. Being that it was 100F (38C) out, I made sure to only get a little bit of cheese since I didn’t want it to melt in the car. I ended up wolfing down all the goat cheese I bought before we even left the parking lot!

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