Brick Oven, Austin, TX

For our Friday lunch date, Victoria and I went to Brick Oven. She had wanted to go here for a while.

We usually try to beat the crowds. In this case, we were some of the first people in the restaurant.

There was a lot of 80’s music playing. That went especially well with some of the art on the wall.

Some of the art was even for sale.

In the meantime, I ordered a Dr. Pepper and looked at the menu. The lunch specials were pretty cheap!

The 80’s music kept playing as we waited for our food. The atmosphere was relaxing. With the more retro decor, it felt like we were in a much quieter and calmer time.

Our food came out fast. I got lasagna.

The lasagna had a lot of flavor to it. It was portioned perfectly and filled me up. The only thing about it is it was slightly cool in the middle. Part of me wondered if the ovens weren’t fully warmed up or if they tried to cook it too fast. Beyond that, it went down well, and I was pleasantly full.

We did beat the crowds, and when we left, the place was filling up. Next time I come here, I’ll have to try a pizza. The tomato sauce’s flavor was what really defined the lasagna, so I’m sure a pizza will be great!

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