Brookshire Brothers, Jasper, TX

Brookshire Brothers grocery stores are a staple of small-town Texas. They don’t have a presence in Austin, but anytime I travel outside of Austin I see them. They are a lot smaller than your typical supermarket but seem to cover all the bases. I stopped at one in Jasper, TX as a pit stop on a road trip.

Just because it is smaller, doesn’t mean they don’t represent the regional tastes well. They had a lot of Cajun foods and local products. I even found a local Louisiana hot sauce that I had never seen in Austin stores!

I ended up buying that hot sauce, along with a meatloaf sandwich.

Overall, Brookshire Brothers is smaller than your typical supermarket. Size really doesn’t matter because they seem to have everything. They also have the local products I always look for on my trips. If I’m in small-town Texas, I know I should be able to find something if I do stop by!

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