BT2 Nightclub and Bar, Austin, TX

Victoria’s and my work Christmas parties ended up landing on the same date and time. Being the new guy I didn’t want to miss my Christmas party, so Victoria dropped me off at the location of mine before she went to her’s. I’ve been going to her Christmas parties and that’s where we got engaged last year. After our respective parties, Victoria picked me up again. Some of her coworkers were going to an after party at B2T Nightclub and Bar.

When we parked, It looked like a standard sports bar on the outside.

On the inside, it felt like a club, complete with tons of liquor.

In the back area it felt a bit like a sports bar again with the pool tables.

Looking around I noticed a lot of rainbow stuff. I put two and two together and realized this was actually a gay bar.

Unlike “The Gay Bar” in Gay, Michigan that played things up, this bar was very low key. The only thing that took me aback was the genderless bathrooms. That was definitely something I had never seen before!

Towards the end of the night there was a half naked guy dancing on a pole. That was the extent of flamboyant craziness I saw there. One cool thing I saw was an old school cigarette machine. I don’t smoke, but that’s a relic of past bars that you don’t see often.

They also had a lot of area outside if people wanted to smoke.

Overall, this bar was decent. I didn’t even know this was a gay bar and it ended up being a decent place to hang out. I had a good time and things didn’t get too crazy. I’m not one to frequent these kind of bars, but I can definitely say it felt like a welcoming place for everyone.

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