Butterfly Bar at the Vortex, Austin, TX

Austin is fully of weird and quirky places. Butterfly Bar at the Vortex is definitely one of those places. I had a meetup there, so I decided to take a few pictures when I walked in. Victoria also came with me. The parking lot was packed when we got there.

We walked a ways to get to the outdoor area. The outdoor area was much bigger than inside. They even had a fire pit!

I eventually made my way inside.

There was also a food truck with good Italian food.

After both of us ordered, we went to sit down. I decided to grab a cup of water in the meantime.

The food finally arrived. Most of their stuff was homemade and it was very good.

The meetup went well and when it was over, we did a quick walk around so I could grab another couple pictures when it was darker.

I know I’ve been to this place in the past and it has a relaxing atmosphere. It is across town, but the food is good and I think that particular meetup is going to start regularly meeting there. I’m sure I’ll be back and will definitely be eating some more of that Italian food!

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