Buzzard Billy’s, Waco, TX

Every time I’d either drive to Wisconsin or back to Texas, I’d pass Buzzard Billy’s in Waco. I always thought this was a funny name for a restaurant and wanted check it out sometime. When I was in Waco, I decided to check it out.

The restaurant was down kind of in a hole next to the Brazos River bridge. Their sign had to be tall for everyone to see it.

The restaurant was a Cajun-themed. You could tell it was very popular because there was a bit of a wait to get in. I was happy they told us 10 minutes and we actually only had to wait 5 minutes before we got a table.

I ordered the Cajun Combo to try a little bit of everything.

Now this is the first time this has ever happen at a restaurant, but they lost our order. I remember sitting there for a while and seeing other tables who came in after us getting their food. Finally, the waiter came up and apologized and said they lost our order and we’d have to reorder. We ordered the same thing and then he said they’d put a priority on it.

When we got the food, I found the jambalaya and gumbo was great, but the catfish was undercooked and soggy. I’m assuming the jambalaya and gumbo were pre-cooked so that would explain why it was very good, but the catfish was made to order and they rushed it so that’s why it never tasted fully cooked.

Like I said, the jambalaya and gumbo was very good, but the fact that they lost the order (I’ve never had this happen before at a restaurant) and the catfish wasn’t that great, makes me iffy about coming back. I’m sure if they can get the order itself right and not rush it, the food would be excellent.

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