Cafe Eccell, Bryan, TX

Victoria and I made a day trip to Bryan to visit her grandparents and aunt and uncle. When we visit, we usually find somewhere cool to eat out. If you know anything about people in Bryan, they take pride in their city. Victoria’s family is no exception (actually if you want to meet people who really love Bryan, you talk to them) to this and they are always showing me cool places to blog about. This time, they wanted to show me Cafe Eccell.

Talking about pride in the local area, Cafe Eccell takes pride in being in Aggieland.

The inside has an upscale feel throughout, all the way from the waiting room to the bar and the dining area.

The menu is simple and two-sided. Don’t let that fool you as there is a very wide selection to choose from.

I ordered a Dr. Pepper to wash down my meal. We ordered chips and queso and also got some guacamole with it. They made the guacamole fresh in front of us. This was a first for me!

I could have filled up on those appetizers, but I held off for the main course. I’m happy I did! I ordered a Texican Fried Chicken.

Victoria got a grilled cheese and tomato soup.

The chicken was something like I never tasted before! Normally, fried chicken is firm and a bit crunchy from the breading. This fried chicken was different. It had a texture similar to perfectly cooked brisket. You could break it apart with your fork. The meat was flowing with juicy flavor and the spicy mango BBQ sauce enhanced the flavor even more.

On the side was some Spanish rice and refried black beans. They complimented the great tasting chicken well. Overall, everything was great! I’m not sure how they cook the chicken this way, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they keep it a bit of a secret. I know I would keep it a secret, as it would make people such as myself want to come back for more!

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