Caffe Capri, Bryan, TX

Caffe Capri is an Italian restaurant in Downtown Bryan, TX. Victoria told me that her and her friend Anna used to come to Caffe Capri on special occasions. This time, Victoria and I visited it with her grandparents and aunt and uncle.

You could tell the building was historic. You could also tell they did everything they could to preserve the inside. It had a very historic and upscale feel to it. The pictures on the wall added to the decor. In many ways, there is a simple elegance to the restaurant.

The menu tells the story of Caffe Capri. They took a major risk to open the restaurant and it looks like it was a family affair. You can tell the risk was worth it, because the restaurant is now thriving and has won numerous awards. Another thing that stood out to me is their commitment to being green and as zero waste as possible. It’s always good to see businesses that are committed to helping the environment.

=On the table was silverware in a cloth napkin. This added to the more upscale feel. Additionally, there was some olive oil with balsamic vinegar for dipping bread.

I was looking for a caffeine fix, so I ordered a Mountain Dew.

We then got some bread as an appetizer. I dipped it in the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This was actually the first time I tried this. I liked it!

Next came the meatballs for appetizers. I grabbed myself one!

Soon the main course was up. I got lasagna and Victoria had chicken parmesan.

The lasagna was very good. It was also portioned just right so I could eat everything and be full but not insanely stuffed. It was good enough I have a feeling if the portions were much bigger, I’d have gorged myself.

I also checked for wifi, but see it was password protected.

Overall, Caffe Capri was good. The inside felt historic, upscale, and elegant. The food was really good and portioned just right. Everything was pretty much perfect in terms of a good place to eat. I can see why Victoria and Anna came here on special occasions.

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