Cantina Laredo, Frisco, TX

When it comes to Mexican restaurants I visit, most have an authentic in-Mexico sort of feel to them. Cantina Laredo is the first Mexican restaurant I have been to that has an upscale feel to it.

When we first pulled up, the parking lot was packed. We did find a spot, but if we wanted to, we could have had valet parking.

The inside was really nice with a big bar and even a fireplace!

The table was nice and had some small plates for appetizers.

The menu had a lot of good choices.

In the meantime of ordering, some chips were brought out. They were very crispy, and the salsa was good. Their special salsa had the consistency of a marinara sauce.

I had the Pollo Avacado Fajita Tacos, and Victoria had the Chicken Fajita Burrito. We both agreed the food was really good. One thing that really stood out for me was the corn tortillas. I normally only get flour tortillas because corn seems to be clumpy and fall apart. These corn tortillas were amazing and the best I’ve ever had! They held together very well and tasted great! Also, you could tell they worked hard at doing a good presentation of the food.

I checked the wifi and didn’t see anything open.

Overall, I think this place was great! It was the first upscale Mexican restaurant I went to, and they delivered well on this. The corn tortillas were the best I’ve had so far. The food was good, and even the presentation of that food was something they really made sure to do well.

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