Car on a Silo Near Marshfield, WI

Growing up, we literally drove past this place every day. We drove past it so many times I never really thought twice about it. Every once and a while I’d notice it then ask, “Why would someone put an old car on top of a silo?”

I really don’t know, but it is an interesting site. I guess the guy who owns it likes cars and wants a unique monument in his yard. It does seem he has a nicer old car sitting out front.

I really would have loved to see them use the crane to get the car on the silo. That sure would have been a sight! I’m pretty sure this car was put on top of the silo way before I was even born as I remember it always being there.

I guess it’s one of those cool unique things you discover while on the road. In this case, I didn’t have to go too far from where I grew up.

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