Carlos and Murphy’s, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The last time I was in Winnipeg, I ended up drinking at this place all night, but never actually tried the food. They have a small bar area where I hung out and I never really ventured into the rest of the restaurant area. I did love the atmosphere and vowed that next time I was in Winnipeg, I’d stop by and grab a bite to eat.

I walked to the front of the restaurant…

…and then realized I needed to go in the same side door.

The inside is very unique and has more old Western sort of saloon feel to it.

I decided to get a taco salad. I know I get this at a lot of places, but this help me gauge how good of a Mexican place this is, because I have eaten many taco salads in my life. Overall, the taco salad was bland. To be honest, this is to be expected for this far North. I would have also expected this in Wisconsin, so they do cater well to the regional preferences.

I’ve grown up in the North and even though my taste buds have been more tuned for spicy things living in Texas, I know when you actually factor in that food is not spiced like it is in Texas, the taco salad itself was good. After a long drive it hit the spot and filled me up.

Overall, I really like this place. I had a heck of a time the last time I was here and it was good to visit again. I’ll have to venture out a little more and try something different than a taco salad next time I visit.

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