Casa Rodriguez, Bryan, TX

When we were visiting Victoria’s grandparent’s in Bryan, we stopped by Casa Rodriguez to get our fill of Mexican food. This has been a local staple since the late 70’s.

Keeping true to being a staple of the community, there is a lot of Texas A&M stuff up. Also, being true to the season, there was a bunch of Christmas stuff up.

The menu had a lot of good selections.

One thing that really set this restaurant apart was the chips and salsa. In addition to the salsa, they had this green sauce that really packed a punch.

This restaurant was not sparing at all in terms of the amount of chips they gave or making sure you had enough salsa or green sauce. They were constantly refilling the chips and giving more cups of the sauces. I think pretty much everyone each had their own cups of sauces. The table was lined up with them!

While the chips and salsa were great and I could easily fill up on them, I saved myself for some flautas.

Victoria had the enchiladas verdes.

When I heard the sizzling fajitas for Victoria’s brother Michael’s plate, I just had to take a picture.

As I usually do, I checked for Wifi, but I couldn’t find the password anywhere.

Overall, this restaurant was great! The chips and sauce kept flowing and there was never a time we went without. I had to use some restraint to make sure that I didn’t fill myself up on those alone. I’m glad I didn’t because the flautas were also very good. I know everyone else enjoyed their meals and I can definitely see why this place has been a staple of Bryan, TX for the last 40 years!

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